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SRC marin became the sole authorized distributor in Turkey of Saga Boats manufactured in Norway and Westline Boats manufactured in Sweden, and started to serve in the field of brand new boat sales. With our understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction, we will continue to include brands that are advantageous in terms of quality and price/performance into our portfolio.


​Since the inception of Saga Boats in 1960, our goal has been to build quality boats where the best offshore talent combined with our local tradition of excellent craftsmanship is our main focus. Using our own knowledge, reinforced by close collaboration with leading boat designers, we were able to achieve our goal. Semi-displacement boats have been the heart of the Saga Boats program since the early 1980s.
There are four different models in our current production program. All of them have been released since 2009. Maintaining Saga Boats design and quality in every aspect of our production is important to us. This gives our product a common identity and strengthens the Saga Boats brand name. In this way, our customers are guaranteed the best quality and after-sales service, as well as a very high resale value. Saga Boats produces around 100 boats each season, making us one of the largest recreational boat manufacturers in Norway. Our local woodworking and textile suppliers make a significant contribution to the quality of the final product. Building a Saga boat represents craft of a very high standard. Saga Boats is a quality label in Norway as well as abroad. Experience, long tradition and a high level of competence ensure that customers receive the best possible product.

Every experience is unique. It is based on your feelings, expectations and dreams. At Westline we design and build boats for your experience. We build exclusive Swedish boats tailored for dreamy lake cruises, beautiful boat holidays in the archipelago and activity-packed evening cruises. We recognize the power of detail, so we focus on ensuring that each component makes a difference to your experience. A warm welcome to a life full of adventure, passion and privilege.

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